Teen Follows Kaepernick’s Lead And Protests National Anthem, School’s Response Catches Him Off Guard

Athletes across the country are becoming inspired by Kaepernick’s widely covered protest of police brutality and the marginalization of African-Americans in the United States.  The protest spread this week to one high school student in Worcester, Massachusetts.

A high school football player from said that his coaches and principals suspended him for kneeling during the national anthem before a recent game, but said the school district has now lifted the suspension.

Mike Oppong, a junior at Doherty High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he plays as a quarterback and a defensive back for the football team. He is protesting the mistreatment and oppression of African-Americans in the U.S., according to reports.

Oppong has no plan to stop his protest throughout the season. “My teammates have been supporting me the whole way,” he said. Just like ‘Colin Kaepernick’ did.

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Right After the game, Oppong was suspended for one game for his actions, he added.

After his announcement, however, Worcester Public Schools superintendent Maureen Binienda released a statement that Oppong would not be suspended after all.

“The Doherty student did not violate any school rule when he peacefully and silently protested during the National Anthem,” the statement read. “He exercised his Constitutional Rights without disturbing the school assembly and he is not being disciplined for his actions.

“Worcester Public Schools is a rich, diverse community that thrives to maintain an open dialogue about the challenges that our community and our country face.”

Oppong himself then tweeted out that the suspension had been lifted.

Article Sources: Cooking Panda, Raw Story, USA Today Michael Oppong/Twitter

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