Gunman Opens Fire In Crowded High School Cafeteria And Is Taken Down By The Last Person Anyone Expected [VIDEO]

An Illinois school teacher tackled a student with a gun who opened fire on a cafeteria.

Angela McQueen, described as shy and quiet, pinned down the student. Student’s finger was still placed on the trigger as bullets flew up into the ceiling.

McQueen’s mother said she acted on her “strong Christian instincts.”

“I’m sure she didn’t think about it; it was just a gut reaction,” Barbara McQueen of rural Marshall, Ill., said of her daughter Angela McQueen, a math and physical education teacher at Mattoon High School.

The suspected gunman, a 16-year-old male student, faces a juvenile detention petition in Coles County Circuit Court. The gunman was not identified because of his age.

A student in the cafeteria at the time of the incident told WCIA-TV the gunman’s finger was on the trigger when the teacher tackled him and shots were fired into the ceiling.

After the gunman was pinned down, the teacher walked around the cafeteria, making sure everyone was OK.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “One student was hospitalized following the shooting and another suffered minor injuries when he was apparently grazed by gunfire.”

More than 100 police officers from as far as 30 miles away responded to the shooting and parents rushed to the school, which serves about 1,100 students.


Sources: Littlethings, The Shred/Facebook/ Video Credit: ABC

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