Muslim Spits In McDonald’s Worker’s Mouth, Instantly Regrets His Decision

The 26-year-old Australian Muslim pulled up in his Mercedes-Benz to a McDonald’s drive-through window in Essendon, Australia, on January 13. When his request was not immediately served, he did something horrific to the worker.

Hassan Abdul-Rahim is a typical Muslim supremacist, believing that non-Muslims are inferior and should be forced to submit to Islam so when the 19-year-old female employee told Abdul-Rahim if he would pull forward and wait for a worker to bring him his frozen Coke, he found this request completely unacceptable. The entitled Muslim reared back and spat a large amount of phlegm at the girl’s face, with some of it entering her mouth, before he drove off.

The horrified girl ran from the window and called the police where they quickly arrived at the scene. Police viewed the security footage and identified Abdul-Rahim and charged him with aggravated assault.

In April, Abdul-Rahim went to Court in Melbourne tried to invoke his Muslim privilege to get a slap on the wrist for pleading guilty to the charge. Instead, the Magistrate sentenced him to a month in jail. THEN he played a card that many Muslim offenders do to avoid deportation, jail, and legal fees — he applied for appeal and was then promptly released.

The court heard Abdul-Rahim was furious at having to wait for his fries and drinks, and repeatedly honked his car horn and threatened to block the drive-through.

When he was then asked to move from the second window to the first, he spat on the young worker – who later underwent medical tests after some saliva went in her mouth.

Abdul-Rahim told the court he did not deliberately spit on the young woman and was instead clearing ‘excessive phlegm’ from his throat.

Magistrate Meagan Keogh labeled the act ‘gutless’ when she sentenced the 26-year-old, the Herald Sun reports.

‘It’s an appalling display against someone who’s just doing their job,’ Magistrate Keogh said. ‘Spitting is a particularly awful crime. Gutless in a lot of respects… This behavior is completely unacceptable in a civilized society.’

Sources:  The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Mad World News


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