Police Officer Walks Up to Student Section…Pulls Epic Prank That Leaves Everyone Cracking Up [VIDEO]

During a high school football game on Wednesday at Appleton East High School, a police officer walked up the stairs to the student section and pulled a move that left the crowd screaming. At first, the students thought someone was in big trouble but their fears quickly dissipated after the cop did something rather unexpected.

It’s been an exciting weekend for Appleton school resource officer Jack Taschner.

The officer has become a social media sensation after a video of him leading the student section at an Appleton East football game went viral.

Officer Taschner first appeared to be breaking up the fun in the video, but he was actually joining in, leading the student section in the “drive the bus” cheer.

“I got into it as much as they did,” Officer Taschner said. “When I realized they were all doing it with me, I wanted to let it go on forever I knew my legs weren’t going to let me.”

The video, posted on the Appleton Police Department Facebook page, has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Officer Taschner said it’s nice to see positive stories, like this one, spread. Hear more of Officer Taschner’s story in the video below.

NO FUN ZONE?Just when it looked like SRO Taschner was breaking up the fun during the Appleton East Football game, expectations changed.

Posted by Appleton Police Department on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jack Taschner quickly became a hero in the eyes of the students. It’s nice to see a police officer get into the spirit these days when everyone is on their toes. Needless to say, Taschner now has a lot of fans. What do you think about this?


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