Civil Unrest

Live Feed: #STLProtestors Attempt To Shut Down Billy Joel Concert

For a week there have been protestors, breaking the law, each evening by blocking streets, vandalizing businesses, and attacking police officers.

Several concerts in St. Louis, U2, Ed Sheeran and many downtown activities have canceled to avoid the conflict. Tonight, Billy Joel is playing at Busch Stadium and protestors are doing everything they can to shut it down, too.

Eric Cox KMOV live as hundreds take part in Black Lives Matter Movement Allies rally in downtown St. Louis.

Posted by KMOV on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Eric Greitens, the governor, has vowed to be tough on crime and has called up the National Guard, but not activated them.

Many many St. Louisans are wondering just what it would take for the Republican governor to protect innocent taxpayers from these illegal and violent protests.

Live Feed supplied by KMOV

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