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Liberal Journalist: Anti-Looting Laws are Racist

Sarah L. Jaffe, Nation Institute fellow and ultra-liberal journalist has discovered more racism in America.  Anti-looting laws.  That’s because it points out there are more black looters than white and that makes it hateful, hurtful and just plain racist.  I have to admit it was a really good try for loon of the week but my vote still goes to the black women who says cotton branches at Hobby Lobby are racist.  But Jaffe definitely gets an honorable mention.  Next time I see a beautiful woman wearing a sweater, I’m going to try to convince her to take it off because of racism.  You might say I will be trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

Sarah L. Jaffe, Nation Institute fellow and journalist whose work has appeared in Salon, the Week, the Washington Post, and the Atlantic, slammed the Miami Police Department for a Twitter ad warning against looting, since the looters featured in the accompanying photo happened to be predominantly black.

 In her Tweet, Jaffe stated that “the carceral state exists to protect private property,” which seemed to imply that the defense of private property is a bad thing and a tool of “white supremacy.” She failed to give her opinion concerning whether the state should defend the property of people of color.

Jaffe’s Tweet received 4,300 “likes” but also unleashed a hurricane of scorn, which took a wide variety of forms.


H/T Breitbart News


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