Father Heard Strange Noise In Attic, Set Up Hidden Camera. Records Horrific Encounter

A man hears noises from the attic, setup hidden camera and what he discovered blows his mind.

The creepy noises from his attic at his Pittsburgh home were reason for alarm after all.

Jerome told Inside Edition as he pointed to the vent, “Then I saw the light right through there, like it was searching for a place to look through.” Someone was in this family’s attic, and had been spying on their every move.

He installed cameras in his Pittsburgh home to see whether his neighbor was crawling through his attic.

He reviewed the footage and it appears to validate his suspicions. It shows a man, who Kennedy says is Robert Havrilla, his neighbor, crawling through a narrow attic, carrying a plank of wood.

Havrilla was charged with burglary, criminal trespassing and stalking in a preliminary hearing Aug. 3.

According to the police report, the footage showed Havrilla crawling through the attic over his property line and into Kennedy’s attic. Havrilla appears to carry a drill and a light, and to lie on a vent that overlooks Kennedy’s bed and his daughter’s crib for about 30 minutes.

“It’s just very disheartening to feel violated in this way,” Kennedy told CBS affiliate KDKA. “It’s extremely creepy.”

Havrilla’s attorney, Anthony Jackson, told The Washington Post in a phone interview that Havrilla “has no criminal record whatsoever. They’re making it seem like it’s a negative situation, but it’s really not. There are some things that haven’t been said that will clear up everything eventually.”



Soures: AWM, The Shred/Facebook/ Video Credit: YouTube

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