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Students Turn Violent at Georgia Tech After LGBT Advocate Commits Suicide By Cops

Students at Georgia Tech became violent last night after protesting the shooting death of Scout Schultz by a campus police officer.  Her parents have also hired a lawyer to represent their interests in their daughter’s death.  It must be the fault of the police, right?  Schultz wrote three separate suicide notes, then called the police and reported someone with a gun and a knife acting menacing on campus.  When campus police arrived, Schultz refused to obey commands and walked towards the police with a knife in her hand.  One of the officers finally fired one shot that proved to be fatal.

 A vigil for a non-binary engineering student who was shot and killed by Georgia Tech campus police turned into a violent riot Monday.

Protesters set a police car on fire as a group of 50 marched to the Georgia Tech Police Department on the Atlanta campus. One officer is in the hospital and three demonstrators are in jail.

The university tweeted Monday evening: ‘Stay inside due to violent protests on campus. Avoid Hemphill Avenue. Stay inside until told otherwise.’

The protests followed the death of Scout Schultz, 21, who was killed by campus police after they thought the student was threatening them with a small knife.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles says three suicide notes were found in Schultz’s dorm room. Investigators revealed Schultz made the phone call to police about an ‘armed’ and suspicious person fitting their description.

Schultz was an advocate for the gay lifestyle.  The police have not released the contents of the suicide notes Schultz left behind.  In my humble opinion the students at Georgia Tech should sue the university for creating total idiots.  Only someone without a lick of common sense would blame police for a shooting that was orchestrated by the “victim”.


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