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CNN Documentary To Teach Your Kids About Anal Sex

CNN is coming out of the toilet and into your kids bedroom, so that they can teach them that anal sex is normal.  They are playing up to their NAMBLA base.  I guess they figured that since they were already morally bankrupt, what the hell, right?  CNN is banned in my household, so I don’t have to worry.  You may want to consider locking them out on your set as well.  The documentary on anal sex has a portion on transitioning to another sex.  I guess it won’t be long before they teach your kids about sex with goats or some other barnyard animal.

 CNN ran a story Monday about a new video documentary created by the network that contains scenes of teaching high schoolers about anal sex, performing oral sex, and transitioning to a new gender.

The documentary, titled, “This Is Sex with Lisa Ling,” features a segment titled, “Sex 101.”

In the video, CNN’s Lisa Ling sits in a classroom with high schoolers, listening to a lesson where a teacher quizzes students on the proper term for a woman receiving oral sex, among other graphic questions.

Other topics taught in this classroom include how to use condoms for anal sex between same-sex couples, after which the CNN host characterizes teaching this as “inclusive.”

The teacher also states that she has students transitioning genders, and that she asks them their preferred pronouns. She also discusses how California passed a new law on sex ed that is creating these discussions in the classroom.

This comes after CNN host Brooke Baldwin was so offended by an offhand reference to “boobs” that she shut down an entire segment.

H/T The Daily Caller




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