ISIS Film Shows Grenade Caught and Thrown Back, But There’s Just One Major Problem [VIDEO]

ISIS loves to film propaganda videos for the world to see how awesome they think they are. Most of the time, however, the terrorist organization’s efforts often blow up in their faces when people analyze the videos and point out the glaring issues.

Recently, ISIS released a video that many people saw but immediately spotted something embarrassing.

The video showed what appeared to be Islamic State terrorists in a desert-looking area. In the distance, a hand grenade can be seen hurling through the air. A hand reached up and caught the grenade. The camera went blank for an instant and then showed another apparent terrorist directing the man with the grenade to throw it back, which he did.

While this video might have been created with the intention of showing the prowess and quick reaction of terrorists, closer inspection revealed something far worse.

The safety pin and lever are still in the grenade, which means this genius terrorist was more than likely handling a dummy round.

Most modern hand grenades have a clip that holds a pin in place. The idea is to remove the bracket and pull the pin that holds a separate lever in place. When the grenade is thrown, the lever detaches itself from the grenade, which is what makes the grenade deadly. The lever must be detached in order for the grenade to detonate, according to Military.com.

However, as the video showed, the safety lever and pin were still in place on the grenade in this video. So it probably did not inflict any harm wherever it landed.

But that’s not what the terrorists want viewers to think.

H/T Conservative Tribune



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