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Can You Guess Who Hillary Invited to a Fundraiser For the Clinton Foundation?

In 2009, while she was the Secretary of State, she invited many heads of state to a fundraiser for the Clinton Global Initiative.  We know this from one of her emails.  There are three invitations that for some strange reason, the mainstream media isn’t reporting on:

Strangely enough the invitation was sent out in 2009, the very same year that Russia started buying up Uranium One.  A deal that would require Hillary’s signature to allow Russia to take over the entire company and with it, 20% of all uranium mined in the United States.  Of course the Clintons didn’t profit from that deal unless you count the 145 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation or the twenty minute speech that Bill gave in exchange for half a million dollars.

 On the campaign trail, Clinton spent hours railing against Putin, claiming that President Donald Trump was connected to him and would somehow destroy the United States by cozying up to Putin if he was elected.

As it turns out, she was the one who was cozying up to Putin. I wonder if Congress is going to open an investigation into this and appoint a special prosecutor. They should.

This email contains more evidence of actual wrongdoing than has been found after months of investigations into Trump.

However we shouldn’t expect the media to cover this in any sort of detail. They would much rather cry wolf about Trump’s “ties” to Russia than focus on exposing Clinton for her shady practices as secretary of state.

The media can try to hide this all they want, but eventually the truth about Clinton will come out — it always does — and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

H/T The Conservative Tribune

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