Woman Notices Something SHOCKING About Hurricane Irma Looters, And It Has Everyone Talking

A woman made a shocking point about the looters during the Hurricane Irma’s devastation.

While the hurricane Irma is destroying everything on its way, many people were taking advantage of the situation and are also taking everything on their way.

There are some people are looting everything in a shopping store where no one is around due to the calamity taking place.

It can be justified if they are doing it for survival because the scarcity of food and basic necessities are present during this time.

One woman noticed something from the video captured during the chaos, these people seem to go for the high-end athletic brands.

It’s not like they’re grabbing rain boots out there — something you’d think they’d need after tidal surges and flooding.

Nor are they grabbing work boots which would also be incredibly useful post-hurricane.

She made a clear identification between the difference of these opportunistic people being a looter or they are just doing it for survival.




The people caught red-handed on this video were all black but not to discriminate, it has nothing to do with what these people are taking from stores but has everything to do with the color of their skin. As long as a person is starving, they will do anything just to survive. Unfortunately, these people were not doing it for survival because if they do, they should have taken maybe a pair of boots; which is helpful in their current situation, or they should have taken food instead.

When the power is out and your house is demolished, how exactly are those 6 pairs of Yeezys going to help you survive?

Unless… Nah, they wouldn’t be reselling them, would they?


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