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Lawyer Who Said Betsy Devos Rape Would Be OK With Him is Now Unemployed

Attorney Robert Ranco , a liberal lawyer without any ethics is unemployed today after he had to resign his position with a major law firm for posting a message saying he would be ok with Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos being sexually assaulted.

“I’m not wishing for it … But I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

So, what did she do that set an already unhinged liberal off?  She did away with an Obama initiative that insured every man would be found guilty of rape on college campuses because they are not allowed to speak, present evidence or witnesses to prove their innocence.

Over the last few years many men have been found guilty of rape or sexual; assault by women who lied through their teeth.  We know this because police end up arresting them for filing a false police report.  In many other cases, the men sued their former universities and collected large settlements.

I’m not wishing for it…But I’d be OK if Robert Ranco were sent to prison on a false rape claim.” Steven Ahle

Charges of rape should never be decided in the kangaroo courts of academia, but in civilian courts where the defendent can provide proof of his innocence.

Here are a couple of examples:

 DeVos is the Secretary of Education and the post was in response to her plans for revamping Title IX rules on campus sex assaults. Guidance put in place by the Obama administration, according to DeVos, does not provide equal protections for both the accused and the accuser.

“The lesson here is if we are really interested in supporting survivors and pushing back against harmful policies we need to stick to the issues and prove our position is the sound one,” said Chris Kaiser with the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.

Kaiser doesn’t like the proposed change, but he was shocked by Ranco’s tweet.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to treat the experience of sexual violence in such a glib and political manner, its disrespectful to sexual assault survivors who have had that experience, its discrediting to the hard work we have to do to push back against the department’s agenda,” said Kaiser.

In a statement sent to FOX7 Kristen Lenau with The Safe Alliance said; “Any words that minimize the experience that a rape survivor goes through, and the impact of that violence on their life and community, are damaging to all of us.”

Devos did not make it more difficult to convict a rapist or anyone accused of a sexual assault.  Her plan would provide the accused with an opportunity to defend himself.  A prime example is mattress girl who accused a classmate of anally raping her, saying that was not something she would ever agree to with anyone.  The accused had an email from MG where she suggests they should have anal sex.  But the university forbade him from presenting a multitude of emails she sent him.  He was bounced by the university but won his lawsuit and a large settlement.

Victims of rape and sexual assault need to be protected by the system but so do men who are innocent.  Obviously, that was something Ranco can’t wrap his head around.

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