Girl’s Jaw Drops When She Realizes What Judge Is About To Do (Video)

A Miami teen’s bad attitude got her 1 month behind bars after the judge decided to give her an ultimate lesson of her life.

Penelope Soto, 18, was in Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat’s bond court Monday on charges of possessing  Xanax, according to reports from Local 10 News.

The teen was arrested Sunday evening after telling police she crashed her bike while high on the prescription drug, Local 10 News reports.

In the video, the judge can be seen speaking to the girl via satellite video, going through her various charges and asking about her valuables.

“How much would you say your jewelry is worth?” the judge asks.

The girl named Penelope Soto proceeds to laugh at the question, prompting the judge to criticize her for not taking it seriously.

“You just made me laugh, I apologize,” the girl says, before adding that her jewelry was worth “a lot of money.”

“Ma’am, have you had any kind of drugs in the last 24 hours?” the judge asks.

“Actually, no,” the girl responds.

The judge then goes on the charges and dismisses the girl, to which she smugly replies, “Adios!” He orders her to come back for the way she left, then increases bond for her charges from $5,000 to $10,000.

“Are you serious?” the girl asks angrily, before saying “f– you!” to the judge and storming off.

She is then ordered to return again, and the judge becomes furious with her attitude.

“Did you say ‘f— you’? Did you say that?” the judge asks.

“Yes sir, I did,” the girl responds.

“Oh you did say that?” the judge replies. “I find you in direct criminal contempt. Thirty days in the county jail.”

The video from 2013 went viral, with many praising the judge’s decision to punish the girl for her harsh words and attitude towards him.

“LOCK the brat up!” one viewer commented on Little Things’ Facebook page. “He should have kept the sentencing. Teach her that her mouth will & does get her in trouble. Kids have no respect for anyone anymore.”

“What a stupid “Little Girl” (I call her a Little Girl because she obviously is not Mature enough to understand that just go around Flipping people off, especially a Judge that she is already in front of for another stupid act that she had done),” another wrote.

“Life is about respecting other People, Life, and the Laws & Rules of the Land. And when you stop respecting any or all of the of the above, then you have to pay the consequences for your actions. Bravo & Kudos to the Judge with giving her some time to sit and think about that for 30 days.”

Article Sources: The Shred/Facebook, Local 10 NewsAmericaNow Video Credit: TheWorldsepicVideos/Youtube

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