Images Of Bloodied Toddler Provoke Outrage, Now Things Have Taken A Turn [Photos]

A Facebook post showing pictures of a bloodied child who was allegedly abused by her mother sparks an outrage on social media.

On July 9, Susan Cain posted pictures of her nephew with a bloodied face, stitches and a cigarette burn, claiming that her sister-in-law was abusing him. Cain’s brother, Patrick Nigh, and the father of the 21-month-old boy, Natas Nigh, is in jail for domestic violence.

“We need Denver County Social Services to do a complete investigation of all the injuries to Natas,” she wrote. “The DA has also requested Social Services to investigate. Denver Social Services has continued to allow this child to remain in a neglectful environment.”

“Natas has knocked out teeth, and 2 months later, a busted lip,” she explained, “2 weeks later, the fire department found him wondering [sic] the streets of Denver. Again, Natas was returned home. One week later he had a deep cigarette burn on his thigh.”

“I am getting in touch with local news to try and get them to help before it’s to [sic] late. With all my FB friends and families help, maybe we can keep this child from suffering. PLEASE SHARE,” she implored.

Cain’s post immediately spreaded in Facebook which has been shared more than 39,000 times. She posted it on social media after several unsuccessful attempts of calling Social Services until it reached the authorities.

“I figured the best way to go would be social media. Maybe that would finally get their attention.”

“He needs a good, loving home where he can grow up healthy and strong without a negative environment around him,” Cain added.

The mother of the child, Lindsay Swisher, denied the allegations against the abuse. She said that CPS had constantly spoken to her, visited her, and investigated, but found no wrongdoing.

“I have peed for CPS,” Swisher explained, “I have done everything for CPS. And they keep walking away with a closed case, because I am not an abusive mom. I’m not a bad mom. We are just trying to get over six years of really hard stuff.”

She explained that the picture of the boy with a bloodied face was caused by his “swan diving” into a table. And the cigarette burn accidentally happened when he jumped into her lap as she was smoking, she claimed.

“I think anybody that uses social media to attack anybody, including single moms, especially single moms who are doing their best — I think they need to take a good long hard look in the mirror,” said Swisher.

Now the post has taken on a life of it’s own, and Lindsay says it’s affecting her life.

“I have received countless, horrible messages and threats. For what? Because CPS is going to close this case too, because she’s wrong,” said Swisher. “All she’s done is prevented me from future employers. I can’t walk out in the street right now without people pointing at me and my son.”

A spokesperson with the DA’s office can confirm that it has twice referred this matter to DHS for follow-up concerning the child victim. A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department confirmed to KMGH that an investigation is underway but could not provide any details.

Sources: Opposing Views Video Source: Denver 7 ABC

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