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31 Harvard Professors Arrested For Blocking Traffic Ala BLM [VIDEO]



Thirty one Harvard professors took to the streets to bash President Trump for ending the illegal and unconstitutional DACA.  It proves once again why parents are wasting their money sending their children to the once great university.  At a university with educated professors, they would know that Trump had no choice since 9 states were going to sue over the program and were a cinch to win the case in court.  Liberals will tell you (falsely) that DACA has never been tested in court but the truth is it’s principals were already ruled unconstitutional.

Ten states sued the Obama administration over DAPA which like DACA was put into practice by Obama using an Executive Order.  The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals knocked down DAPA because although the president can stop deportations, he has no power to award illegal aliens benefits reserved for it’s citizens.  Work permits and Social Security benefits are most certainly huge benefits as well as the thousands illegals can rake in child credits and the Earned Income Credit awarded by the IRS.  DACA awards all of the same benefits.

Conservative lawyers admit that DACA is unconstitutional, liberal lawyers admit that DACA is unconstitutional and even Barack Obama admitted before issuing DACA and DAPA that he had no constitutional right to do so.

The 31 professors exited the university gate Johnson Gate on campus.  They were warned that if they blocked traffic they would be arrested.  So they blocked traffic and were arrested.

 African and African-American Studies professor Walter Johnson, who was one of the faculty members arrested, told the Harvard Crimson: “It seemed like it was time for us to jump off, and to try to both stand firmly with our students, to stand for justice and decency in the face of an unjust law, and to try and kick off a conversation about resistance between campuses in Boston and among faculty,” Johnson said.

Kirsten A. Weld, a History professor who was also arrested, claimed that she participated in the protests because “It’s not business as usual because the Trump administration is targeting our students.”

Prior to the protests, Harvard University President Drew Faust reportedly published a statement that argued that Trump’s decision on DACA “recognizes neither justice nor mercy.”

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