5 Survival Foods That Every Family Should Have. Is Your Family Prepared For An Emergency?

5. Crackers

Though crackers can be an enjoyable snack at any time, they can also be helpful when things go wrong. It can somehow fill an empty stomach. As a complex carbohydrate, they are a solid source of energy and sustenance—just make sure you keep them sealed and dry!

4. Energy Bars

While the ingredients in these can vary wildly from brand to brand, some containing cereals and other high energy foods targeted at people who require quick energy but do not have time for a meal. A big box of energy bars is a good way to ensure you’ll have some reliable food to keep you full while you wait for rescue or for things to get back to normal.

3. Canned Fish/Meat

Of course, with all canned foods, these have quite a long shelf life and can really elevate the quality of your meals. These are a good source of protein, not to mention that fish is full of healthy fats and other building blocks that will be helpful in a crisis.

2. Sports Drinks

Although Powerade, Gatorade, and similar beverages may not be a great idea to drink all the time in daily life, they can prove very useful in emergency situations. These can rehydrate you in these times as it replenishes your energy. Many drinks like milk or juice can quickly go bad without refrigeration. These drinks will stay good no matter the temperature and come packed with electrolytes.

1. Bottled Water

Nothing is more important than water. Water is life. A person may survive up to 2-3 weeks without food but we can’t survive very long without water — cannot even last a week. So make sure you have a lot of it on hand. This is a big one. Although we take water for granted when things are functioning normally, a disaster could quickly render our normal water sources useless.


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