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Man Tries To Kick Cop In Groin, Learns a Valuable Lesson [VIDEO]

A man was out partying with his girlfriend and he got more than a little drunk.  When he was confronted by some police officers, he got very belligerent and his girlfriend could not calm him down.  He charged one of the officers, then backed up slowly and aimed his foot at the officer’s nuts.  Unfortunately for him, the officer was quicker and he scored a one punch knockout as his girlfriend started screaming.

 It’s unclear what their issue is, however the man seems very upset and his girlfriend tries in vain to get him to calm down.

He refuses to calm down, and being the hotheaded punk that he is, decided to confront one of the police officers. This began simply by charging at him, some pointing and some yelling.

Then it got really bad. The man stepped back and geared up for a sucker punch to the cop’s “sensitive area.” Well, it seems that the police officer’s reflexes kicked in, causing him to land a punch so strong to the man’s head that he flew backward.

He was out like a light. Then the screams came from the girlfriend. Check it out below.

 According to a YouTube posting of the video, the cops in question were Romanian and as you can tell… they don’t play around with drunkards.

Reactions to the video online have been, as you may have guessed it, comical. With many users leaving expletive-filled responses to both the man’s idiocy for kicking the cop and the woman’s shrill scream that most concluded were an overreaction.

What was amazing though, was how calm the cop was. In fact, the other police officers surrounding the man even decided to help him up.

When a police officer can prove a point in that little amount of time, it’s hard to not get the lesson loud and clear.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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