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Child Rapist/Murderer Gets Boiling Water Tossed on Him in Prison

Gregory Keith Davies, 74, had scolding hot water poured over him in prison because he had raped and murdered a six year old girl.  He had raped and killed her in in 1984 but police did not solve the crime until 2016 through DNA analysis.  Davies was badly burned and had to have skin grafts on 15% of his body and he is in great pain.  Wonderful!!  The more the merrier.  I wonder if boiled pee nuts were on the menu that night.

 He was scheduled to ask for an extension before his plea hearing and sentencing on Sept. 6, but he did not attend the session. Only his lawyer showed up because Davies was in “extreme discomfort.”

“He is in extreme discomfort, he’s had skin grafts to 15 per cent of his body,” said his attorney, “Those grafts are now tightening up and causing him considerable pain.”

On May 29, Davies admitted to the Nov. 6, 1984 murder on what was supposed to be the first day of his pre-trial committal hearing.

With Davies admission, a 30-year quest to find the child’s murderer came to an end, reports 9 news.

“We don’t have to look in the dark again,” said her relieved mother, Julie Ryan. “The dark is nearly over. It’s been 33 years and we’ve been through hell.”

“We can all live our lives again,” she said. “I’ve lost a lot of things in my life. I’m so totally over the moon that he [pleaded guilty]. It just makes life so much easier.”

To some, Davies hospitalization was welcome news.

“Good I hope he is in agony,” wrote one person on the Daily Mail’s Facebook post about the incident. “When the pain goes away can the inmate throw boiling water on his and keep repeating!!!!”

“Excellent news and glad to hear of his pain,” commented a second. “Hopefully his Modred and Beaufords are shrivelled and no longer capable of further use.”

“Serves him right dirty murderous old git poor little girl never got to live her life God dam shame bless her family,” agreed another.

“Oh really!” added a fourth. “He is in discomfort? Death penalty applied immediately and he would be dead! The world a better place without the Monster.”

Others did not take pleasure in Davies’ pain.

“No matter what his crime is, a prisoner must get punishment only as per law,” wrote one man. “Not even an ounce more. If the govt cannot protect prisoners they have no business of keeping them.”

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