Swedish Man Charged for Eating Bacon in Front of Muslim Women

A 53-year old Stockholm man was actually convicted for eating bacon in front of a Muslim woman. The Muslim woman reported to police that the man was eating bacon in front of her. According to reports, the man obnoxiously ate the bacon by her side and began taunting the woman.

Obnoxious? Sure. Criminal? Ridiculous.

The report continued on explaining that the Muslim woman felt uncomfortable and tried to move somewhere else however the bacon-eating monster followed the women with his bacon. The man also apparently said some mean things about the women’s religion. How dare he!

Many on Social Media commented on how ridiculous the charge was.

It was on the commuter train between Väsby-Märsta in Stockholm as the man began to eat bacon in front of three veiled women.

According to the prosecution, the man has demonstrated to have begun chewing the pork in front of the women and then following them when they changed their place.

The whole thing lasted for a few minutes. The man should also have said that he hates Muslims.

The man was prosecuted partly for unruly, partly on behalf of the public. However, for the later crime, which involved a separate event from 2016, he was released because evidence was missing.

But he is judged to be unreasonable. The 53-year-old man will pay SEK 5,000 in damages to the respective woman, as well as SEK 9,000 in daily fines.

The man denies crimes and thinks he just wanted to mumble his bacon. However, the prosecutor must have witnessed information from a trainer and another fellow traveler, as well as surveillance pictures from the train, skriver mä According to the man’s version, he followed the women to apologize if they were ill.

There should be no law that gets you in trouble just because someone gets offended. If we continue to bow to Muslims demands they will continue to walk all over us. What were the authorities thinking?




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