After Cleveland Browns Players Refuse To Stand For Anthem, Police Officers and EMT Respond [VIDEO]

Preseason Football is back in full swing and that means the regular season is just around the corner. Since last year, thanks to Colin Kaepernick, a number of NFL players have been protesting the National Anthem by taking a knee. It is completely disrespectful but more and more have begun to follow suit. In August, 10 players on the Cleveland Browns took a knee during the national anthem of a preseason game to protest so-called “racial injustices in America.”

The Protest was the largest to have taken place since Kaepernick first decided to take a knee.

After the shameful display the local Strongsville’s VFW 3345 responded to the unpatriotic stunt by posting this sign outside their hall.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cleveland police officers and EMT workers announced they will not hold the American flag at the upcoming game following the shameful stunt.

If they want to act this way, perhaps there should be room made on the team for new employees that respect our country. Who would have thought that Kaepernick’s actions last year would snowball the way it has. What a disgrace.

H/T The Gateway Pundit


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