Yes! Drag Queen Story Time For Kids Is Coming To A Public Library Near You! [VIDEO]

Hold on to your hats, and your kids, because there is a movement, in America, to “normalize” drag queens, in society and they want to start that indoctrination with your kids.

As you can see, here in this video, the drag queen featured clearly wants to change the way the world thinks about his situation, and he wants to mold the minds of young children to accept him.

CBSLocal-St.Louis had this about drag queen story time in its local library.

A good reader can capture a child’s attention and imagination. What about a man dressed in drag?

Drag Queen Story Time is coming to Central Library in downtown St. Louis next month.

“It’s no different than someone putting on a superhero costume … or really being a character of any sort,” says Pepi Parshall, with St. Louis Public Library.

The readers are trained volunteers: “Storytelling is more than just opening a book and reading the words,” she says. “Story time takes training. You need to be exciting, sing, dance. There’s a lot of elements to it.”

And this isn’t unique to St. Louis. Drag Queen Story Day is a national movement. They have a Facebook page, and a Twitter page.

The website, Patreon, says DGST is creating inclusive educational spaces for children. REALLY!?

So, get ready, America! If they are in your public libraries, they’ll soon be in your public schools.

And hey, drag queens! What you do in private is your own business. But it’s not the responsibility of the rest of the culture to embrace it. And it’s certainly not appropriate to expose young children to it, long before they even have a natural interest in sex, sexual roles and any other adult situations.

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