Woman Pays the Ultimate Price After Shooting at Two Officers [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

The police have released a video of a woman who wrecked her SUV after driving down the highway at speeds of up to 120 MPH.  A witness to the accident saw the woman on the ground and he began to approach her.  When she saw him, she went back into the vehicle and emerged with a gun, telling the witness it was loaded.  She tucked the gun into her waistband and then laid back on the ground.  The witness called the police, who then told him to leave the area for his own safety, which he did.

Two law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and they saw the woman on the ground and approached her.  A witness warned the officers that she was armed and they continued to approach her cautiously.  She rose up and shouted that it was not her car.  She kept one hand concealed from the officers and they continued to order her to show both hands.  She refused and then turned away from the officers who warned her not to draw her gun.  She did and fired at the officers.

The officers then drew their weapons and returned fire hitting the woman, Tina Renee Medlin in the arm and in the head.  Initial reports were that the woman was declared dead at the scene but that was a mistake.  The woman was transported to the hospital, where she was treated, but she died three days later.  The police explained that they were releasing the video to prevent the officers from receiving criminal charges.

 According to authorities, the officers yelled at Medlin several times, ordering her to show her hands.

When Medlin refused, the officers drew their weapons.

Medlin then turned away and yelled, ‘That’s not my car!’

She then reached toward her back waistband. One of the officers, Taylor, warned her not to pull out the gun.
‘Don’t draw it!’ he said.

That’s when Medlin took the gun and fired at the officers. When they returned fire, she fell to the ground.

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