Left Wing HuffPo Turns Ann Coulter Climate Change Tweet Into Gay Bashing

The left wing media is relentless at trying to twist and spin anything coming from the conservative right. And while Ann Coulter draws ire from both the right and the left, this time, Huffington Post went way out of their way to turn one thing into another.

In this tweet, Coulter was taking a swipe at the climate change crazies and loony leftist logic. And Huffington Post had a hay day with it, by interpreting it to be digs at Houston’s openly lesbian mayor.

Yes, everyone, Ann Coulter is back at it. This time the right-wing media pundit is using Twitter to insinuate that “Houston electing a lesbian mayor” is a more likely explanation for Hurricane Harvey than climate change.

… Coulter is no stranger to making anti-gay claims. She’s previously said that “gay marriage is not a civil right” and stated that sexually active gay men should “feel guilty about it.” This is all the while trying to appeal to a subset of conservative gay, white men.

Thanks ever so much for helping the victims of Harvey know where to place their blame, Ann!

H/T: Huffington Post

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