FORE Play: Couple Caught Having Sex on the Eighth Green

A nineteen year old male and a twenty four year old woman were caught in a compromising position on the eighth green of the  Tega Cay golf course near their homes, which are adjacent to the golf course.  Someone spotted what they were doing and called the police.  At first local residents thought that there was a deer on the fairway until one person looked through their binoculars and saw what was really taking place.

 A police report said the resident told officers he thought there may have been a medical situation, but after looking through his binoculars, he saw two people engaged in a sex act and ‘saw the male with his head between the female’s legs’.

Two more witnesses told police they saw the couple from the tee box but initially thought them to be a deer on the fairway.

Officers arrived to find 19-year-old Dakota Len Payne without shorts on and 24-year-old Kiernan Dunne Hennessey wearing only a bra on the eighth floor.
Both ‘were instructed multiple times’ to stop what they were doing and to put their clothes back on.

The woman, the officer reported, ‘was on her back and the male was laying down with his head between her legs performing oral sex.’

Dakota Len Payne, 19, and Kiernan Dunne Hennessey, 24, were arrested and taken to the police station, where they were booked for indecent exposure.  The woman admitted that they shouldn’t have been engaged in a sex act on the public course but the young man asked for a mulligan, a do over if you will.  He claims he was close to getting a hole in one or vice versa.

I went golfing last week and shot a 62.  But I did much better on the second hole.

H/T Mail Online

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