Man Who Wrestled Gun From Intruders And Shot Them Charged With Attempted Murder


People around the world are expressing their surprise over the lack of protection for homeowners against armed intruders.


This comes after a man was arrested for trying to protect himself and his family against three armed robbers.

According to The Chronicle Herald, three armed men broke into a home in Nova Scotia. There they were confronted by Kyle Earl Munroe and another man who fought with the armed intruder.

When Munroe managed to wrestle the gun away from one intruder, all three ran away. Munroe shot in their direction and hit one man.

The intruder suffered non-life threatening injuries. Munroe then called police to report the incident. However, instead of arresting the armed intruder, Halifax Regional Police arrested Munroe.


He was charged with attempted murder and 9 related charges. When questioned about the arrest, Chris Hansen, a spokesperson for Public Prosecution Service said: “Right now they’re just pending charges.”

The Canadian Patriots posted the story to their Facebook page, where it was shared over 810 times and over 461 people commented on the outrages arrest.

Jeff All wrote: “My firearms instructor made a huge deal of teaching us that in Canada, we do not have the right to defend ourselves with weapons.


“Doesn’t matter if you’re an 80-year-old man and some 20-year old-guy is taking the last of your food, money and meds.

“If you cannot beat him one on one or wrestle him out of your house, you have to just let him take your stuff. If you use a bat, knife, pepper spray or gun you will be charged.”


19-year-old Jordan Mullin wrote: “As a victim of an armed robbery myself, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands before calling police, and now am being charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon. Never had a criminal record before.


“My lawyer told me I’ll be lucky to get away with bodily harm charges, I’m just waiting on my trial in Ottawa in February. If anything were to happen to me again, I would have second thoughts on calling police for help that’s for sure.”




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