Loretta Lynch LIED UNDER OATH When She Told Trey Gowdy She Only Uses Official Email [Video]

On Friday internet sleuth Kim Dotcom dropped a bomb on Twitter.

Kim posted an email Friday showing Loretta Lynch using an alias to contact DOJ officials.

The Department of Justice released hundreds of emails to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) this week in the investigation of former AG Lynch’s secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton.

Melanie Newman from the Department of Justice leaked it in the email.
And— AG Lynch (Elizabeth Carlisle) then responded with a “thanks to all who worked on this.”

Here is Kim DotCom’s tweet:

MORE— Another message from May 29 to the Attorney General was sent to the Elizabeth Carlisle account.

Now this…
Reddit The Donald users discovered that Loretta Lynch used her grandmother’s maiden name “Lizzie Carlisle” as her alias.

Loretta’s grandmother’s name is Lizzie Carlisle Harris.
Loretta’s mother’s name is Lorine Harris Lynch.

Here is her grandmother’s death certificate.

Kim DotCom asks readers to find out more on Lynch’s alias “Elizabeth Carlisle”.
It looks like the deep state forgot to cover that up in the emails they released to the ACLJ.

Now this….

AG Loretta Lynch told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) under oath that she only uses official email in November 2016 — after these above emails were sent.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: So you use official email to conduct official business?

AG Loretta Lynch: Yes sir. I do.

That was a complete lie under oath.
Loretta Lynch committed perjury.

Via Reddit The Donald.

The level of corruption of most corrupt administration in American history is coming to light, but one has to wonder if anything will come of it. Sure, Loretta Lynch committed perjury when she lied under oath during her testimony to Congress, and sure, she broke numerous laws by using a private email account to conduct government business, and sure, she interfered in an investigation against Hillary Clinton mishandling classified documents, and anyone else would be arrested, charged, and convicted of these crimes, but there seems to be some dark cloud that hovers over and protects these people who sold their souls to serve in the Obama administration. Nothing ever sticks to them, even when we have the evidence right in front of our eyes, they get away with it.

The Sessions Justice Department must take a look at this and begin an investigation.

People are losing faith more and more in our government when they see things like this and nothing ever comes of it. The American people want honest government.  They want to be able to trust our institutions, but after eight years of watching every federal department be corrupted, and some weaponized against political opponents, it takes a toll on the weight of credibility most people are willing to carry for government.

You have to pray, Good God, let one of these criminals fall so that faith can be restored in our system.  Enough is enough.  While we sit here and learn of crime after crime after crime that was committed by the Obama administration we at the same time have to endure the lunacy of a Russian collusion fantasy cooked up by anti Trump operatives hell bent on overturning the 2016 election.

Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

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