Viral LGBT Short Cartoon Promotes Homosexuality To Young Boys [VIDEO]

Did you ever get the feeling there is a very concerted effort to grow, persuade, socially engineer otherwise normally heterosexual youth into a population of gays? Well, of course you did, do. It becomes more blatant every day.

Now there is a short film making its way to your (young) children to promote homosexual relationships between young boys. It’s cute, tender, funny and just the kind of cartoon that would capture the attention of a young impressionable child.

Keep in mind that only about 4% of the population in Americans identify as gay. That figure is up from the 2012 survey, and the reasons may be that since that time millennials have been barraged with he idea that gay was cool through radio, tv, and movies, as well as on college campuses.

Millennials are more than twice as likely as any other generation to identify as LGBT. In 2012, they accounted for 43% of LGBT-identified adults. As a result of their disproportionate increases in identification since then, they now account for 58%. Millennials comprise 32% of the general adult population.

Here’s the video. Watch and let us known what you think. Do you want your children to think that homosexuality is the norm?

Most people, myself included, really couldn’t care less about anyone’s sexual orientation. A persons sexual orientation is there own business. We’re just sick and tired of having it stuffed up our noses on a daily basis.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin P. Sullivan

    August 9, 2017 at 12:33 am

    Just another exploited misguided child who has been assuredly indoctrinated in by a generation of entitlements that have children as young as five to twelve years old searching for a sexual identity in a Society of liberals who live under an umbrella of drugs and greed blindsided by a corrupt mainstream media who are guided by lobbyists and big money bought and paid for career politicians and self-serving Representatives With an agenda of enslavement and servitude through a board of education system run by atheists degenerates believing in exploding and manipulation of children and those who are socially gullible and of low moral standing..
    She’s a child! I don’t care what anyone says. a child shouldn’t think about transitioning or what their sexual identity is until they are mentally mature at least.13 to 17. ones identity is a very important and significant life decision at such a early age or in most cases experimental ideas or techniques not yet established or finalized.and are found to be in a majority of cases regretted incidences that even a few adults may regret in their later years. She should wait before going through with this. Well at least wait before going on hormone therapy.
    I was gone for a couple of hours only to come back and find people ranting to each other and calling me a bigot. First, I fully support the LGBT community and transpeople. I believe ones sexuality is their own business and should not be exploited. ( Love The Sinner not the sin) I am being wrongfully judged as a heterosexual male but that’s not the issue. the issue is if children should be allowed to transition and by children I mean (5-12). The short answer is no they shouldn’t be allowed to transition because for one thing their mentality and self isn’t fully developed. Like most children when I was a child I used to feel out of place of my body so I thought that maybe I was weird or different or that I should be more than i was, bigger, smarter more athletic. This misguided mindset later disappeared with the progression of maturity and I’m still weird and different . A child’s mentality grows and changes over time with many of life experiences and challenges and goes on and ultimately transitioning is never considered after or even needed at all. The issue is maturity and the fact that children typically do not think about the consequences of transitioning and what the whole process means. Think of it like this. You are making a permanent decision that will affect the rest of your life forever and there’s no going back after that. It’s a permanent altercation to perhaps a temporary feeling, though does this not apply to all cases. A child doesn’t think about that, most children don’t realize what transitioning implies. Children should be children and not have to worry about their gender and their sexuality it is not as relevant to their development as most people think.
    A person should only begin the process of transitioning during their more mature years after they have fully gone through their self acceptance realization as by that point they have already grasped the level of maturity that children lack. Second, I know my statement had very little to do with the post but I did feel it was an issue needed to be addressed. It doesn’t mean I’m a bigot or a homophobe or transphobe. Believe it or not, I have the utmost concern and best interest of children in mind.
    Thank you if you Share … Kevin P Sullivan NYCB

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