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He Saw An Accident Victim On The Side Of The Road, What He Did Has People Calling For His Head…

We all knew that being in a car crash can be a very traumatic experience, you’re thankful when anyone comes to your aid, but this guy in our featured story today decided to take advantage of the situation.

Kimberly Smith was driving on Highway 114 in Irving, Texas when another vehicle cut her off, causing her to drive off the road and her vehicle to flip three times before it landed on its roof. Kimberly had just freed herself and gotten out of her mangled Ford Focus when she saw a “tall, skinny black male” coming toward her. “He was walking up and asking if I was okay and asking if I needed help,” she said.

Kimberly told police she was approached by a man who brought her purse to her and then returned to his truck claiming he was going to call for help, but instead did the opposite as he fled the scene with her wallet. Although Smith had her purse, her wallet held items like her driver’s license, credit cards, cash, and other valuable items, police said.

Joshua Smith, the victim’s brother, took to Facebook to share the story of how a “tall, skinny black male in his 30’s” approached his sister while she was trapped upside down in the vehicle. He claims the man said he was going to help Kimberly, but instead robbed her and drove off.

“Some guy stop [sic] to help her,” Joshua wrote. “Even found her purse and brought it over to her. She was still dazed and confused from the accident and he said he was gonna go get his cell to call 911.”

“She begged him to just stay with her. He said don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

“He gets in his truck and takes off. With her wallet. All her credit cards. Id’s. Everything. And all this happened after she was trapped upside down and NOBODY stopped to help her. What the hell is wrong with this world!?”

Someone eventually stopped and called 911. The good Samaritan waited with Kimberly until emergency services arrived. She was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Kimberly has been recovering well from the accident.

Later on, Irving police arrested two people accused of pretending to be Good Samaritans and robbing a crash victim in Irving have been arrested.

The suspects, a 48-year-old man, and a 34-year-old woman were arrested Thursday after being tracked to an extended stay hotel in Dallas.

Source: AWM

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