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This Baseball Umpire Was Suspended After Making The WORST CALL In The History Of The Game… [VIDEO]

A college baseball game between New Orleans and Mississippi Valley State ended in controversy after a questionable call by the umpire against the Delta Devils. The viral video clip has garnered outrage on social media.

In the ninth inning of the series opener, New Orleans led Mississippi Valley State by 7-3, with the Delta Devils attempting to rally. However, the umpire made a horrendous call, ending their momentum. It was a “strike three and you’re out” situation for MSVU’s Davon Mims, leaving him irate.

Mims, the left fielder for the Delta Devils, was up to bat with two outs and was their last hope. During the at-bat, the count reached 1-1, and the next pitch was called a strike, although it was a borderline call. The game was at a boiling point, and Mims jumped up and down in disagreement while pointing out with his bat where he felt the pitch had landed.

The umpire behind the plate, Reggie Drummer, did not take kindly to Mims questioning his strike zone. His reaction was aggressive and unprofessional. This call by the umpire was so bad that the Southland Conference has issued Drummer an indefinite suspension.

While umpires have a certain amount of power and can bend the unwritten rules of baseball, this cannot be tolerated. The umpire essentially caused Mississippi Valley State’s loss with his blatantly horrendous call. It was clear that he had a vendetta against Mims.

The sport of baseball is rooted in fair play, sportsmanship, and integrity, and umpires play a critical role in upholding these values. It is their responsibility to make unbiased decisions that are in the best interest of the game and the players.

The incident with Drummer highlights the need for umpires to be held accountable for their actions and for the relevant authorities to take swift action when necessary.

It’s time to revoke this umpire’s license. This call was not in the spirit of baseball. Although some outrageous calls are expected, this was unacceptable.

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