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TOPLESS TRAGEDY: Instagram Model DEAD After Trying To Get The Perfect Topless Photo…. [VIDEO]

A Russian woman on holiday in the Dominican Republic died tragically after hanging out of the passenger side window of a car. The 35-year-old, Natalia Borodina, was reportedly naked except for her bikini bottom as she leaned out the window, playing to the camera. Her friend, 32-year-old Ivanna Boirachuk, was believed to be driving the car and recording the incident on her mobile phone.

In the video, Natalia is seen playfully sticking her finger in her mouth just moments before the car hits a lamp post on a highway near Punta Cana.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Fundacion ACCION 13

According to reports by Russian media, the mother-of-one suffered serious injuries and passed away after being rushed to the hospital. It was unclear if she died on the spot or in the hospital. Her eight-year-old son was also on holiday with her in the Dominican Republic.

Natalia was originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, but moved to the regional capital Chelyabinsk and later to Moscow, where she worked as a luxury estate agent. Her family was informed of her death.

Photo Credit: Mundo Deportivo

The incident has sparked a massive debate about the dangers of social media and reckless behavior on holidays. It is not clear whether the driver, who was filming the stunt, will be prosecuted for any role she may have played in the accident.

The video of the incident went viral on social media and has sparked a widespread discussion about the risks of social media stunts and the need for caution while on holiday.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Ungun known M

The video is a shocking reminder of the risks involved in daring social media stunts. Many people are willing to take risks to gain internet fame and glory. However, the risks and consequences can often be devastating, not only for the people involved but also for their loved ones.

Natalia’s tragic death serves as a warning to others to be cautious and responsible when using social media and to avoid dangerous stunts that put their lives and the lives of others at risk.

Watch the video below (Warning: Graphic):

Sources: OpposingViews, Daily Mail



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