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They Were Big Time Reality TV Stars, But Now They Are In MAJOR Trouble….

“Storage Wars” wouldn’t be the hit reality show it is if it weren’t for the charm and masterful wit Brandi Passante brings to the series.

Despite being one of the most outspoken and brazen members of “Storage Wars” when it comes to treasure hunting, Brandi’s personal life is considerably more private and, in many ways, tragic.

According to a report by TMZ, “Storage Wars” star Jarrod Schulz has been charged with domestic violence for allegedly attacking his ex and co-star Brandi Passante.

An unnamed law enforcement source told TMZ that Schulz confronted Passante when she was with friends at a bar in Lake Forest, Orange County on April 30. There, the two got into an argument before Passante asked Schulz to leave. At that point, he allegedly pushed her twice while yelling at both her and her friends.

According to the outlet, the police officers later contacted Schulz for his statement but he denied getting physical with his ex during the heated exchange. However, The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has charged Schulz with domestic violence, a spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office told People.

Sergeant Todd Hylton from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that the incident was investigated by the OCSD, but forwarded to the District Attorney’s office who filed a complaint with the court.

Both Passante and Schulz have starred in “Storage Wars” since the show premiered in 2010. They also starred in a brief spin-off series in 2014, entitled “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.”

The pair announced their breakup in the premiere episode of season 13 of “Storage Wars”. In that episode, Passante called her ex an “idiot” over a $400 auction purchase while attending the same auction separately. Shultz then outbid her on another unit. The reality show has long followed the pair as they purchase repossessed storage units in hopes of turning a profit.

Before being charged with domestic violence, Schulz was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance in 1997, for which he was sentenced to 16 months in state prison.

Watch the video below for more details:

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