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She’s Been Living With Needles In Her Belly For Over A Decade…

In a harrowing tale of medical negligence, a woman endured over a decade of agonizing pain after discovering a surgical needle had been left inside her abdomen following a routine operation.

For the past 4,000 days, 39-year-old Colombian woman María Aderlinda Forero has endured unbearable pain as a result of a surgical needle left in her abdomen following an operation in 2012. After giving birth to her fourth child, Forero, a housewife from the village of San Isidro, underwent tubal ligation surgery as a means of birth control.

The procedure, carried out in the town of San Jose del Guaviare, initially appeared to have been successful, allowing Maria to return home and care for her children.

However, within days, Forero began to experience excruciating pain in her abdomen. Each time she sought medical help, doctors simply prescribed her paracetamol. Traveling to the clinic in San Jose del Guaviare was a challenging two-hour journey from Maria’s village, made even more difficult by the family’s reliance on a motorcycle for transportation. Consequently, Forero resorted to increasingly potent painkillers for over a decade to alleviate her suffering.

In November 2022, after years of anguish, an MRI and ultrasound finally revealed the true cause of Forero’s torment – a surgical needle, complete with a long thread, lodged inside her abdomen. The MRI results detailed her symptoms: “39-year-old patient with abdominal pain, predominantly in the lower abdomen (…) for almost 10 years, after the Pomeroy procedure…”

Maria is scheduled for an evaluation on May 12 to determine the best course of action to finally end her 4,000 days of agony. However, questions of accountability on the part of the clinic or the doctor who performed her surgery in 2012 will have to wait until after the evaluation.

Forero has been unable to file a complaint, as she was told that since the evaluation is pending, there is nothing to claim at present. Reportedly, the surgeon who conducted the operation 11 years ago denies any wrongdoing and has gone so far as to accuse Forero of swallowing the needle voluntarily with the intention of seeking financial compensation.

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