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What The City Of Chicago Told Businesses That Are Being Damaged By Rioters Is Beyond Sickening…

Chicago’s crime-ridden streets are wreaking havoc on businesses, highlighting the dire consequences of Democratic leadership’s failure to maintain law and order.

Chicago continues to be a challenging environment for businesses, as escalating crime rates, riots, and looting make it difficult for retailers to thrive in the city.

In a recent example, smash-and-grab thieves targeted a Rolls Royce dealership in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood, making off with millions in luxury watches. Adding to the chaos, thieves assaulted and pepper-sprayed a security guard while robbing two high-end retail stores in the same area.

Major retailers like Walmart report losing tens of millions of dollars each year due to their operations in Chicago, which has led to the closure of four stores. Businesses in the Wicker Park and Humboldt Park neighborhoods have also faced significant challenges in recent months. A community alert from the Chicago Police Department advises businesses to enhance their security measures, such as installing ArmorPlast, an invisible shatterproof shield made by Riot Glass, as protection against break-ins, according to a CBS News report.

As Fox Business reported, the police department issued this advice following a series of burglaries with strikingly similar characteristics. Thieves typically break into businesses through side or front glass windows using rocks, bricks, or crowbars before stealing money, liquor, and other valuable items. The police alert specifically mentioned ArmorPlast, with founder Brad Campbell emphasizing the product’s ability to deter criminals from entering businesses.

Campbell told CBS News, “We want to keep the bad guys outside the building – and that’s what the product does.” According to data from the Chicago Police Department, the city is on track to witness 2,253 burglaries this year, marking a 6% increase from 2022.

This surge in “smash and grab” crimes has left employees across the city feeling uneasy, with some businesses experiencing multiple break-ins within a short period. Tamer Jaradat, an employee at Western Food & Grocery, shared his concerns with CBS News, saying, “Usually, people fear for their lives too. Like, I have seven kids. If it takes me having to protect my life or my business, I’m going to do it.” He revealed that the store had been targeted multiple times recently, including an incident where thieves stole an entire ATM from the building.

These alarming crime rates in Chicago expose the failure of Democratic leadership to maintain law and order, leaving business owners and employees to suffer the consequences. As the city’s crime crisis continues to escalate, the need for effective solutions and strong leadership becomes increasingly urgent.

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