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This Woman’s Argument For An Adults Only Town Is Absolutely…

A child-free suburb has been proposed by an Australian TikTok influencer, sparking heated debate among parents and childless adults alike.

A 27-year-old Australian woman without children has proposed the creation of an “adults-only” suburb with a strict no-children rule. Known as Baby Soja, the TikTok influencer has sparked heated debate among both Australians and Americans with her unconventional idea. Surprisingly, some parents have even voiced their agreement with Baby Soja’s proposal.

Baby Soja’s vision of an adults-only town is a haven for people who “hate kids” and desire a living space free from the noise and disturbance of children. Frustrated by her encounters with disruptive children at public places such as swimming pools, the TikTok star believes there would be sufficient demand for an adults-only suburb.

As her viral TikTok video gained traction, some commenters suggested that Baby Soja should simply relocate to a retirement village, which generally restricts residency to adults. However, others admitted they would be willing to invest their savings and income to move to a child-free suburb in Australia.

In her impassioned plea for an adults-only community, Baby Soja recounted her recent visit to a swimming pool, where she found children continuously jumping in and out of the lap lane pool. This made it impossible for any adult to swim laps and exercise in peace. Such experiences fueled her desire for a quiet, undisturbed suburb where people who are “evil and hate kids” can live.

The idea has received mixed reactions, with hundreds of parents expressing support for the concept. One mother commented, “As a mum, I agree. I hate going to dinner without my kids to listen to other people’s kids carry on. There should be more adult-only places.” Another TikTok user chimed in, suggesting that even adults with kids might appreciate a break from time to time.

Enthusiasm for the idea was evident in the comments, with one individual saying, “I would spend all my savings to get to this community.” However, not everyone was on board. A dissenting voice pointed out that children are just young and can’t help but be noisy.

WATCH the video below for more details:

This strange and divisive proposal for an adults-only suburb has stirred intense debate, with some embracing the idea as a sanctuary from the chaos of children, while others argue that it is an unreasonable solution to a universal challenge. Regardless of the outcome, Baby Soja’s viral TikTok video has certainly ignited a conversation that is not typical for the online platform.

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