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She Keeps Her Twins Apart While They Sleep, And It Is Dividing….

As a mother myself, I simply want what is best for our kids…however, one mom was heavily criticized for how she handled her twins not before she showed the real reason for doing such things.

The mom who has been criticized for keeping her two-year-old twin babies in separate cribs has shown her reasoning by filming how quickly her two kids can go from the best of friends to properly scrapping.

Lauren Bertie is a Virginia-born mother who is very popular on TikTok for sharing videos of the adventures of her twins Shiloh and Ever-Grace.

At the age of two, thousands of people follow kids on social networks.s fascinated by watching their development. Nonetheless, For several months, several of her fans questioned her mother when she found out that during sleep, each of the girls lies down in their own crib since they can share the same space because they are not so big.

Faced with a wave of criticism received for what seemed like a last resort on his part, Lauren Bertie decided to share the video so that the twins’ followers appreciate what usually happens when the lights go out in their bedroom and one of the babies wakes up late at night.

Thanks to a collection of clips captured by a camcorder that only activates when it detects any movement, Shiloh and Ever-Grace can be seen hugging each other tenderly at first, but then the scene changes drastically after they both start hitting each other, knowing that no adult can see them in the darkness of their room.

She was surprised that so many people were in love with her videos of the twins.

“It was a response to people asking why I don’t let them sleep in the same crib. The video also shows the two sides of sibling relationships. I’ve had so many mothers of twins reach out to say ‘your girls get on so well, I feel like my twins hate each other.’ I wanted to show people the two sides to raising twins. I already show the good stuff, so I wanted to show that my twins aren’t perfect and always in this blissful lovey state every day.”

“I wanted to show people both sides of raising twins. I have already shown good things, so now I wanted you to see that my twins are not perfect and are not always in a state of blissful love.”

“Forever Grace will probably want to kill me one day for saying that, but it’s true, she’s the most emotional. She is the first to want to hug and kiss, but also the first to start any fight.” Indicates the mother, who recommends that the parents of the twins observe them more fully.

The mother insists that the pair have a great relationship, despite their physical altercations at times.

Lauren concluded: “They’re each other’s BFFs. They go to pre-school three days a week and they play together.

“The cool thing about twins is that they have these social skills that most kids their age haven’t developed yet, because they always have a partner.

“Most of the time, they’re very cordial.”

Watch the video below:

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