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WTH! Madonna’s New Social Media Post Has Her Drinking Water Out Of A Dog Bowl….

Madonna might be a little too thirsty for attention.

Fans are mocking the Material Girl after she shared an Instagram video that showed her, among other things, getting on all fours and licking water out of a dog bowl. The video, in which she also poses sexually with various products, is set to the song of the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

The singer, who previously said she thought about blowing up the White House while President Trump was still inside, looks unrecognizable in recent posts.

The clip was posted as an Instagram Reel on Wednesday and showed the singer wearing a neon green sweater, tights, and thigh-high boots. The video has grossed out social media users who dubbed it as “embarrassing” and “disgusting”.

The 64-year-old pop music icon is first seen posing for still photos before transitioning to a blurry clip showing her head just above the dog bowl.

Desperate for attention and, perhaps relevance, Madonna’s latest weird foray onto social media platforms is an Instagram post showing a carousel of photos that get odder and odder.

If fact, many fans were rather nuanced in their criticism. Others called the video “embarrassing” or “pitiful.”

“None of this is thought provoking or ‘different.’ You lost touch. You used to be ahead of the game. You created it,” one person argued. “This is all screaming desperation to stay young or relevant.”

“Its so sad to see you destroy the Iconic Madonna Style! Im sorry I have been your fan since I was a kid.. and I just cannot accept this garbage style.. no class.. no elegance you have created for yourself! It has no meaning.. no depth.. this is not Art.. this is you destroying the Iconic Madonna that you created!,” one said.

Another wrote, “What have you done to yourself? You do realize a 64 year old woman drinking from a dog’s bowl looks ridiculous right?”

“After 40 years of being an artist, your form of visual art went down to licking a dog bowl !!,” one fan shared. “If your creatively dried out..let it be.. don’t ruin it for your lifetime fans who are used to getting the best out of you… You have no idea how much it hurts to see you so desperate, destroying your legacy.”

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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