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She Picked Up Her Grocery Order And Found Something Illegal She Definitely Didn’t Order…

If anything, the COVID era introduced a lot of new ways to conduct your personal business, including some new ways we get our groceries. From shopping online and picking it up to going all the way and having it delivered, those of us who already disliked going to the grocery store pre-pandemic can revel in the newfound popularity and subsequent longevity of ordering your groceries online.

That being said, having groceries delivered is not without the occasional hiccup. Sometimes they pick out bad produce or you get a subpar cut of meat. Sometimes they accidentally drop their crack pipe in your bag.

A seemingly normal situation became unsafe quickly for a Colorado mom unloading groceries with her toddler. A carton of eggs, a container of milk, a stick of butter, and a crack pipe.

28-year-old Tesia Britt made an order with her local Colorado Walmart for grocery delivery, but when she and her three-year-old daughter were unloading the bags, they found a dirty crack pipe in one of them.

Walmart says it’s taken ‘disciplinary action’ against the third-party driver, but Britt says the store hasn’t apologized, nor have they given her a gift card the chain promised her.

She told the press, “Honestly, they treating this whole situation like it’s just a messed up grocery order and it’s bigger than that.” No word on the possibility of charges against the driver, who Walmart now says has been terminated.

Britt was also promised a store gift card as retribution but has not received that either.

“I have not received an apology from Walmart,” the concerned mother said. “I literally was offered a refund of my order and a gift card of unknown value that I never received! I haven’t heard anything from Walmart, and honestly, I don’t think they were planning on doing anything until I reached out to Fox 31 Problem Solvers.”

Now, Britt is worried that the Walmart location between Tower Road and I-70 in Aurora, Colorado is less than “sincere about making things right” with her order.

She also told Daily Mail’s website, “I should have never had to experience finding a crack pipe in my groceries….and honestly, they treating this whole situation like it’s just a messed up grocery order, and it’s bigger than that.”

After Britt’s story went viral, they confirmed that Walmart corporate launched a thorough investigation of the incident and came back with the following verdict:

“We strive to provide every customer with a positive delivery experience. While uncommon, we take customer complaints like this very seriously. Upon learning of what happened, we immediately deactivated the third-party driver and encourage any customer who encounters anything unsatisfactory to reach out to customer care.”

Walmart did not identify the service that was used to deliver the groceries. Britt said she will still order her groceries but will check each bag moving forward.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about when you have groceries delivered that you can’t even let your kids help anymore, because you don’t know what you’re going to find in these bags,” she said.

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