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This Wind Turbine Getting STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Is Proof Alternative Energy….

A wind turbine caught fire after being struck by a lightning bolt in North Texas. According to Fox News, the incident took place on Friday.

According to reports, a thunderstorm with a lot of lightning moved over a North Texas wind farm Friday. One of the wind turbines caught fire after it got zapped by a lightning strike.

Crews with the Crowell Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene, however, they were unable to put the fire out, Fire Chief Perry Shaw told Fox News.

The incident was caught on camera, wherein the fiery turbine still spinning as it disintegrated into ash. The turbine eventually stopped moving as the flames grew and dark smoke filled the sky.

You can watch the video of the incident below:

The story of the incident was first broke by ‘Texomas’: 

There has been a rash of grass fires across Texoma lately however the residents of Crowell were shocked when a bolt of lightning caused a fire in an unexpected place.

A lightning strike caused a wind turbine to catch fire in Crowell on Friday morning and Brent Havins just happened to catch it on camera.

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In the video, you can see the turbine blade whirling flames as the blades continue to spin before the entire structure collapses.

At the time of publication, no injuries had been reported in connection with the fire or storm that caused it to ignite according to NBC.

‘The New York Post’ dropped these details:

A North Texas wind farm is one turbine down thanks to what officials believe was a devastating lightning strike to one of the massive structures on Friday afternoon.

Videos from witnesses and firefighters showed the wind turbine generator ablaze and disintegrate in the sky over Crowell, Texas.

Doppler radar indicated there were plenty of lightning strikes around the Foard City wind facility before firefighters received the call about the high-altitude fire.

Crews with the Crowell Volunteer Fire Department responded, but Fire Chief Perry Shaw said there was little his firefighters could do to put the fire out.

“We’re not equipped to handle that kind of fire. Nobody in the area really is to speak of,” Shaw said.

The incident happened as authorities said 99 percent of the state was suffering from different levels of drought.

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