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What They Found Inside Their Wall Is Absolutely Mind Blowing!

Renovating a house can lead to some unusual finds, from finding an old pair of socks to stumbling upon toys swept under the bed by kids. But, a man from Illinois has discovered something bizarre on his bathroom wall.

Rob and his wife, Grace Jones from Crystal Lake, Illinois, have children ages 2 and 5, were recently renovating their home when they unearthed something deliciously strange inside one of the bathroom walls.

In the pictures, four McDonald’s bags could be seen, but what is worth noticing is that they didn’t feature the famous Golden Arches logo of the food chain. Instead, it had a mascot holding signs which read “I’m speedier” and “Custom built hamburgers.”

According to a report in Business Insider, McDonald’s take-out bags featured the mascots back in 1955 and were in use till 1961. The food chain then replaced them with a simpler design and introduced the early version of the current Golden Arches on its packaging.

The antiquated packaging can only mean one thing. The leftover fries — which homeowner Rob Jones declared “still perfectly crispy” — are extremely old. In fact, they may be 63 years old.

Talking about his discovery, Rob said that he was renovating his house when he noticed a piece of cloth behind the plaster in his bathroom. He found the bag “balled up” and unwrapped it to find the decades-old McDonald’s meal which included half-finished fries.

Rob shared that his house in Crystal Lake, Illinois was built in 1959. He added that his house is very near to McDonald’s that opened at that time and this might be the reason behind the unusual find. Apparently, one of the first McDonald’s restaurants opened in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955, and later the 48th restaurant of the chain was opened near Rob’s house in 1959.

Reportedly, the pictures of the antique McDonald’s meal sparked curiosity among Reddit users as one asked Rob if there was an unpleasant smell. Surprisingly, Rob replied that the bag did not smell at all and even mice could not be spotted.

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