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They Just Confessed What’s Happening May 23rd Will Be Totally Indescribable!

On Monday, Uvalde, Texas Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr. warned about the “crazy” situation that will come as a result of Title 42 expiring in May during his appearance with “Fox & Friends.”

The Uvalde Mayor feared about the Biden administration had said that as of May 23, it will no longer enforce Title 42, the very same rule used during the last two years of the pandemic that turn away illegal immigrants on the grounds that they could be bringing the coronavirus into the country.

McLaughlin expects that once Title 42 goes away his community will face a large number of illegal immigrants between 75 percent and 100 percent.

“We’ve been dealing with this crisis for the last year,” he said while noting that he couldn’t picture the upcoming level of America’s illegal immigration crisis.

“What’s coming on the 23rd of May won’t even be describable,” the mayor said. “I mean, you’re talking about thousands of people that are going to hit that border, that is just waiting to cross the border.

“And there’s nobody prepared down here for it. The federal government’s not prepared for it. Thank God Governor Abbott is trying to get prepared for it, but it’s going to be just the wild, wild west and crazy down here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has made his own initiative measure to deal with the flood of migrants, including using “charter buses and flights to transport migrants who have been processed and released from federal custody to Washington, D.C.”

Though Uvalde is not right on the border, it will be drowned in the wave to come, according to McLaughlin based on what the federal government do before.

He noted, “They’ll get so overwhelmed at the border, they’ll pull all their Border Patrol agents out of the field. They’ll make them processors. They’ll be doing paperwork, and they’ll say, ‘Oh we’re over capacity,’ and they’ll start shipping them to towns like Uvalde.”

McLaughlin insisted that the Biden administration has started this border crisis while the federal officials also compound it by denying communities the ability to deal with what the feds have created.

“The federal government ties your hands at every turn,” he said.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News last year, McLaughlin denounced the Biden administration’s immigration policy as “pretty much a clown show”:

“It’s just — it is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier and these — these ‘peaceful’ immigrants, illegal immigrants, they keep talking about, are getting more and more aggressive with landowners. They’re doing more destruction of property. They’re tearing things up. Trashing ranch houses, trashing vehicles,”  

”And, you know, you can complain all you want, but this is — this administration turns a blind eye to it. This is such a failed administration and a failed president, it’s terrible.”

Sources: Western Journal, Fox News


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