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The Number Of Vaxxed People Dying Of COVID Will Floor You!

Nine out of 10 deaths in England were reportedly those people who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines, according to reports.

While England recorded 9 out 10 deaths from those who received two COVID-19 vaccines shots, 4 out 5 deaths also came from people who triple-vaccinated. This is according to the data published by the U.K. Health Security Agency.

The Expose site an independent British news outlet reported on February 22, a table that would show a confirmation the vast majority of deaths were among the vaccinated on page 41.

This report revealed that about 73.5% of the population of England has been fully vaccinated, and 56.9% have received a booster shot, as of Feb. 28.

Below is the table from UKHSA report:

A lot of health officials around the world already acknowledge that the COVID-19 vaccines have not stopped infection or transmission amid the omicron wave. This includes the US which also insisted that the COVID-19 vaccines have not stopped infection or transmission amid the omicron wave.

Despite this claim, reports also show that between Jan 24 and Feb. 20, there were 9,230 COVID-19 hospitalizations in England. The fully vaccinated accounted for 6,689 of them, the triple vaccinated 4,936, and the unvaccinated 2,341.

With the said period the number of deaths becomes higher to those who were fully vaccinated with 4,861 COVID-19 deaths, with the triple vaccinated population accounting for 3,120 of them. While the unvaccinated population only has 559 deaths.

And for only four-week period 89% of all COVID-19 deaths were covered by those in a vaccinated population.

The Expose highlighted that what is happening is so concerning, as the numbers of death from unvaccinated declined while it increased for the vaccinated and boosted.

Between Nov. 22 and Dec. 19, the vaccinated population accounted for 77% of COVID-19 deaths. The latest figures represent a 48% increase. Meanwhile, COVID-19 deaths among the unvaccinated have decreased by 37%.

In the United States, newly published CDC data shows a massive increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations since the emergence of the omicron variant among those who have been fully vaccinated.

COVID vaccine critic Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist and epidemiologist said that “reductions in hospitalization and death were never demonstrated” in randomized controlled studies.

In his Twitter post, he wrote “Now, (there is) disappointment as the data come in to support what everyone has known for months.”

Sources: WND, The Expose

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