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Did The President Of Belarus Just Give Away Putin’s Plan By Mistake!

It has been five days since Russia started to invade Ukraine.

The Russian troops have encircled the city of Mauripol which is the main of Ukraine’s holding on to the Eastern front.

Now, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko appears to have indicated that Russian forces are planning to invade Moldova. Lukashenko — a wartime ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who has called himself the “last dictator” in Europe — stood in front of a battle command map that appeared to show a planned attack from southern Ukraine into Moldova, a former Soviet republic that borders Ukraine and Romania.

According to The Daily Mail reports:

“Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko appears to have indicated Vladimir Putin’s forces have plans to invade Moldova.

Putin’s war-mongering sidekick addressed security officials today while standing in front of a battle map that seems to show a planned operation from southern Ukraine into its tiny neighbour.

The map also showed proposed battle plans for Russian troops across the country.

It detailed Russian lines of attack heading into Ukraine, some of which have materialised in the first few days of the invasion – such as forces storming towards Kyiv from the north, and towards Kherson from Crimea.

But they also showed off several attacks that have yet to come to pass – with one even appearing to point from the port city of Odessa into Moldova, suggesting Russia plans to march troops into Ukraine’s neighbour.”

Several of the city’s neighborhoods are currently under attack, according to local reports. The Kyiv Independent reported at 23:29 local time (21:29GMT) that Russian bombs have struck Vyshneve, a town outside the capital.

It also said the neighborhoods of Rusanivka, Kurenivka, and Boiarka – as well as the area near Kyiv International Airport – were coming under fire. Rusanivka in particular is very central.

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