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What This Mortician Revealed About Vaccinated Corpses Is Sickening…

According to a new report from WND, a veteran embalmer is saying that he and over a dozen of his colleagues in the industry have been discovering very strange blood clots popping up in most of their cases following indications from a number of different sources that there is a major spike in the sudden onset of serious illness following vaccination against the coronavirus.

The embalmer, Richard Hirschman, who has more than 20 years of experience inside the funeral industry in the state of Alabama, said that back during the middle part of 2021, he started to notice weird blood clots in the arteries and lungs of individuals that he hadn’t seen before.

Hirschman was interviewed by Steve Kirsch, who describes himself as an independent writer who writes about “COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments” and who says that “America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.” Kirsch reported that 15 embalmers have observed “odd fatal clotting” in people beginning in 2021.

Kirsch, who is an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, has taken the skill set he’s developed in data analysis and applied it to the pandemic, creating an organization called Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where he currently serves as the executive director.

According to Kirsch’s interview with Hirschman, the embalmer first noticed “strange clots” in about May or June 2021. The independent writer reported that while the embalmer had “never seen anything like it before in his life,” it may have “started much earlier” and was not noticed before “because he was very busy.”

Hirschman said during the interview that except in one case, he has not seen any cases in which the strange blood clots were seen in an unvaccinated person. He did however observe strange blood clots in more than 50% of his cases. In January this year, 37 of his 57 cases, or 65% had suspicious clots.

Hirschman shared that he has discussed this observation with up to 15 other embalmers, who refused to talk about it publicly. The reason behind this is that mainstream media continues to attack those who present opposing views to the COVID vaccine.

In fact, Politifact even challenged Hirschman’s claims of the blood clots, with fact-checker Naseem Ferdowsi, who has no background, claiming that she was told by an embalmer in Phoenix, Arizona that “dark clots have been found in COVID victims long before vaccinations were available.”

Hirschman argued, however, that what he found was “white fibrous material.” Kirsch also pointed out how the number of COVID deaths in Houston County, where he works, is minimal. In January, there was a total of nine COVID deaths in the county, but Hirschman saw 37 cases with blood clots. Kirsch argued, “If these clots were caused by COVID, it’s highly likely someone would have spotted it before 2021 and done a similar video.”

Watch it here: Rumble/Stkirsch

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