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Biden’s Dementia Symptoms Are On Full Display In One Eleven Second Clip! [VIDEO]

We all knew how incapable Joe Biden being a leader ever since he assumed office.

But then, these Democrats are still pushing the idea that he is okay and not mentally ill and his leadership is good despite lying to his press conferences and giving inaccurate information that his staff from the White House had to clear things he said.

If you look at the numbers of casualties from his Afghanistan debacle, it’s not worthy to call yourself the Buck Stopper.

Well, it’s been a year since he won a fraud-ridden election and I see no progress but it’s just getting worse.

After I saw him yelling in late January, I told myself something is bothering in his mind while talking? or typo error on his teleprompter. lol

Conservative commentator Candace Owens has also called out First Lady Jill Biden and blamed her for letting his husband run for the presidency despite his bad dementia.

I can’t say anything more but it’s just sad to see the Free World leader talks like this.

Seems like he is rapping, isn’t it?

“I don’t want to get going because I’d keep you here too long because you know all that I’m about to, what I’ve said, and you know what I’ve done, and you know what we’re doing, and I know what you’re doing,” he said.

It seems to be getting harder and harder to hide his failing verbal skills — and very possibly failing cognitive health, as well.

But still, the left believes that he is mentally fit.

We are in a big mess.

Source: The Western Journal

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