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Liz Cheney Just Got Some News That Will END Her…

We’ve seen a lot of GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, given her work on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee she’s mainstream media’s favorite Republican.

But why in her own native Wyoming, she’s a bit less popular?

Well, these reports from several media outlets will tell you why.

Casper Star-Tribune reported:

A straw poll among state GOP activists taken Saturday by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee saw Cheney lose big, with 59 votes for her top challenger in this year’s GOP primary, Harriet Hageman, compared to only six votes for the incumbent representative.

It was taken among 71 of the 74 individuals who make up the state central committee — three representatives from each Wyoming county and members of the state party. That means it can, in certain cases, be deceiving. In a 2020 straw poll, for instance, now-Sen. Cynthia Lumis lost to the GOP chairman of Sheridan County — then went on to beat him by a nearly 50-point margin in the actual primary.

Harriet Hageman said, “I think it’s a good sign. It’s not an endorsement, but these are the county activists and there will be lots of polls over the next eight months [before the August primary], and they will all show different things that the state party can’t officially endorse anyone, although Natrona County Committeeman Joe Mcginley told the Star-Tribune the vote “smells like an endorsement to me.”

“Whether that is the true intention of the state … or not, that’s what it appears to be,” she added.

It is pretty clear that the state GOP has already censured Cheney, so the big loss is no surprise.

The Wyoming GOP statement released, “If Ms. Cheney wants to continue to pick a fight with the majority of Wyoming Republicans and accuse the vast majority of being deplorable and radicals, then, of course, she can continue that foolish ploy, and she can also continue to engage in the politics of personal destruction with other Republicans — which is her specialty and only real qualification to sit on the farcical January 6 Commission — but that is unlikely to improve her position in the polls.”

The Casper Star-Tribune added, “Granted, Cheney and the state GOP have been at loggerheads of late, Cheney used the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to note that there “are people in the state party apparatus of my home state who are quite radical. And some of those same people include people who were here on Jan. 6th, include a party chair who has toyed with the idea of secession.”

Meanwhile, Washington Examiner reported:

“Polling in the race has been scant thus far, but it doesn’t look good for Cheney as Hageman was up by 20 points in a December poll, 38 percent to 18 percent. While that poll had a large number of undecideds, a poll taken in July found only 23 percent of potential GOP primary voters said they would vote for Cheney against 77 percent who wouldn’t”

If Cheney won’t win, it’s just as bad as her polling, she would never get a chance in November’s race.

Sources: The Western Journal, Casper Star-Tribune

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