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The Fauci BOMBSHELL You Have Been Waiting For Is On The…

Another day, another bombshell for Dr. Death Anthony Fauci. This guy never failed to disappoint the American people every time he’s in the headline.

COVID-19 pandemic has been the most effective and destructive bio-weapon from the Chinese and what is more difficult to understand is how our tax money has funded the creation of the said virus. Well, Dr. Fauci knows all that, he just chooses to hide it from us.

Let me make it clear, okay?

Recently, Dr. Fauci has been under-oath for his financial records as to what he could be doing from his money as he was discovered getting more paychecks compared to the President of the United States.

Moreover, he was caught lying every single time he opens his mouth. For example, he told them he did not fund nor the NIH the gain of research in Wuhan but it was later on proven by freshly disclosed emails that indicate Dr. Anthony Fauci have intentionally concealed information about where coronavirus came from and deliberately understated the Wuhan lab leak theory.

Since the Republicans have to control the House Oversight Committee, they aren’t afraid to break out a major announcement on January 11.

According to the official statement, what they released were “never before seen emails showing Dr. Fauci may have concealed information.”

Not just any information, bombshell evidence “about #COVID19 originating from the Wuhan lab.” And for good measure, Dr. Deep State apparently “intentionally downplayed the lab leak theory.”

As a bonus, they tweeted out that lawmakers James Comer and Jim Jordan “want Fauci under oath,” because it’s “time for answers.”

Gina Haspel has been the ideal person to lead the interrogation.

Libertarian Senator Rand Paul has previously provoked this lying Dr. Fauci and warned him that he could get five years in federal prison for lying to Congress as it is a felony charge.

RedState quote, “Fauci molded his denial to include the qualifier that nothing that was funded could have possibly led to the pandemic (as if that would excuse handing money to the Chinese communists for gain-of-function research),”

The emails obtained are just a big chunk of evidence of how incompetent the Biden administration is, from getting masks from China to getting the Virus from China.

Source: DeepState RabbitHole

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