The Next Victim Of The Supply Chain Mess Is Absolutely Frightening!

The next victims of the supply chain crisis would be something very terrifying and something that definitely hits way too close to home. It is something that has affected whole families and whole communities as well.

Just like a cancer, these supply chain issues continue to grow, and they are now causing shortages of important medications at pharmacies across the country.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) there are currently 111 medications that are on backorder, and that would not only include heart medications and antibiotics, but also cancer medications!

“Drug Shortages can occur for many reasons, including manufacturing and quality problems, delays, and discontinuations. Manufacturers provide FDA most drug shortage information, and the agency works closely with them to prevent or reduce the impact of shortages,” the FDA website states.

Fox News is now reporting that “a November survey released by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) found that the majority of independent pharmacy owners and managers are struggling to fill staff positions and deal with supply chain disruptions, in addition to market pressures.”

“Sixty percent of respondents said they are dealing with supply chain disruptions and nearly 70% reported struggling to fill staff positions,” the report continued. “According to the group, 76% reported being concerned about possible tax increases on small businesses and 64% were also worried about inflation.”

Apparently, only 31 percent of the respondents said that they have a business that could be classified as in “very” or “somewhat” good financial shape.

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this supply chain crisis, she laughed it off, simply saying that Americans were being greedy.

“The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed,” she sighed in that preppy manner that we all are familiar with. Oh brother. Can we please get some real people in the room that will run this country effectively like the previous administration tried to do?

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