Civil Unrest

A Virginia Candidate ADMITS He Vandalized Republican Campaign Signs! 

The funny thing about Democrats is that they think that the rules don’t apply to them. Just look at what this candidate from Virginia did! Obviously, the flamistic ball video players are not the best in this state but this statemly here takes the date, that is for sure!

Let’s go ahead and state at the beginning: no one can say this is Christ Hurst’s finest week. Normally, this man works for the Virginia House of Deleparts, but he also lost his District 12 selection to challenger GOP Jason Balance. As a matter of fact, Hurst’s seat was taken along with seven states that Republicans slipped to take the original 55-45 majority over from the Democrats.

If this were the worst thing that had happened to Mr. Hurst this week, it would have been bad enough. However, this doesn’t even begin to describe some of the issues that this man went through.

What Else Happened?

On the eve of the election itself is when the other tumultuous events occurred to Mr. Hurst. As he was anticipating the election, he was pulled over by the Radford City police when he had his girlfriend with him. Apparently, the sheriff’s deputy wanted to talk to him because he allegedly saw the pair tampering with the campaign signs from their opposition at a polling place, as noted by WSLS-TV!

The police photos are showing campaign signs such as for GOP candidates such as Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and Hurst opponent, Delegate-effect Ballard, being flipped over and thrown down, strewn throughout the ground and the surrounding area according to the station.

“A Little Hijinks.”

Of course, these are Democrats we are talking about here, so they are already of the mindset that the rules don’t apply to them, and just like clockwork, Hurst and his girlfriend have an excuse for all of it. Just take a look at the following transcript between him and his girlfriend and a police officer who caught him in the act:

Officer: “I think what you need to do after I deal with you here is go back and fix those signs. What do you think? You try to resort to doing this? Instead of doing a fair election? Chris, quit playing. Quit playing. Y’all are up there turning over signs at the polling area and you’re sitting here acting like you don’t know what’s going on?”

Hurst: “…Here’s what I would say. I would think that something that was a little hijinks and steam blowing off is exactly what everybody over on the other side of the mountain does and people all over this district do.”

Officer: “So you’re going to resort to that and represent us?”

Hurst: “I need you to just do your job here tonight and I’ll do mine. I have nothing more to say to you, officer. I’m sorry for actions that I may have done or my partner may have done, but I think you’re getting a little emotional here.”

Officer: “I’m not getting emotional at all, you’re supposed to be representing us. You’re supposed to be out here representing us and not out here acting like a school kid. How am I supposed to vote for you if you’re out here doing this?”

Hurst: “Were you planning on voting for me?”

Officer: “Well, that’s all up in the air now.”

By now, the best that Hurst could say was the following: “I’m sorry if I lost your support, sir.”

During the watch party on the following Tuesday, Hurst passed off the incident completely, telling his supporters in the media that it was nothing more than an overblown prank, according to the station.

“We flipped over a couple of yard signs, took them, put ’em upside down and put them right side up,” Hurst said. “That’s what we did.”

When asked “whose” signs he and his girlfriend were messing with, Hurst replied they were just two: “Republican signs .. one Jason Ballard sign and one [Glenn] Youngkin sign.”

However, WSLS was quick to counter that statement, claiming that police photos were showing that more than two signs had been tampered with.

Hurst delivered a statement regarding the incident via WXFR-TV:

This has been a real drag out race, it’s been very competitive, and, in some degree, it’s been sometimes nasty. You know, election eve, you’ve run a really hard race, run a very long campaign, and you just do a prank to be a goof and, you know, it just happens to be done by somebody who is very apologetic for what they’ve done and realizes that, you know, I have people looking up to me and I have a real responsibility that I need to live up to, and I think in my actions, legislatively and what we’ve been able to accomplish for this district, I continue to show that we get results for the New River Valley, but again I apologize to people for disappointing them and it’s something I’m just looking to move forward from.

Anything else?

Police would also eventually charge Hurst with driving with a suspended license. Luckily, he wasn’t arrested; he was just given a “driving while suspended notification.” He discussed the matter with WSLS, claiming that he wasn’t aware of the suspended license, and that it was likely suspended due to a lapse in insurance. Hurst claimed that he took care of that insurance issue on the following Tuesday morning.

Hurst had also been pulled over in 2020 for suspicion of drunk driving, as his BAC was reading at .085 in the portable breath test. However, he got on the charges of driving while intoxicated because the officer believed that his BAC would drop once he brought him in for the official test.

Yeah, this guy sounds like a real keeper for the Democrats. Maybe if he continues to lack success in liberal Virginia politics Biden will step up and bring him on for a cabinet post! Mercy, what a dystopia we are living in!


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