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Biden’s Move Directly After Virginia Disaster Proves He’s Not Right!

Joe Biden was warned…

The so-called President stole the elections last year, but he couldn’t make people love him. No one likes him, to be more precise. Virginia has already made a move, and decent Americans got their state back. They delivered a message for Biden and his Democrat friends. Yes, people have had enough with Biden’s “America Last” policies.

Kamala Harris believes that the situation in Virginia determines the outcome of the 2022 and 2024 elections. It was a big race and Dems lost it. Oh, my God, it wasn’t even “close.”

The same happened in Texas.

What about Beto? The governor’s race in New Jersey was set to be a blowout win for Democrats. That’s not even a race. It’s really close! The mainstream media, Democrats, and Republicans were convinced that the Virginia race would define the political scene in the future. Where are they hiding now?

This is a huge loss for Biden and those who stood by his side. We believe congressmen and senators won’t risk their careers to join Biden’s catastrophe.

Creepy Joe is back home now. He humiliated himself in Rome. World leaders laughed at us.

I guess we won’t see much from Biden in the near future. He is definitely hiding somewhere.

People are already speculating.

Here’s what the folks are saying about Biden’s decision to hide from the world today:

“Hidin Biden”

“today’s schedule is a rigorous regime of potty training”

“They don’t wanna break the news to him yet”

“Of course not. Taking care of the country and the American people is not a priority for him. Never will be.Were on our own…….”

“If they can I bet they’ll try to keep him hidden away for good, until it’s time to resign.”

“Maybe the poor man caught Covid from red”

“How’s that COUGH of his? Sounded pretty bad”

“He’s sick. Wonder what he has.”

“He probably needs 48 hours of IV transfusions after going overseas”

“Building Back BETTER Vamõs Brandon!!!!”

“He thinks the election is today.”

“lol. That should help with the ole approval rating”

“It’s laundry day… Gotta get all those undies cleaned up”

“Brandons’ schedule today includes naps, diaper changes, and ensuring he doesn’t consume anymore Elmer’s glue. Good luck America”

Joe Biden is an arrogant SOB. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the American people don’t like him.

Either way, his Handlers will try to ride this disastrous VA situation out and allow their friends in the media to sweep it out of the news cycle.

They certainly don’t want some senile old dope trying to make sense of that crushing defeat, and stammering and misspeaking all over the place.

Sources: Waynedupree, Andorra.kivazen, Thetruereporter

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